Peter Betzel

CEO IKEA Ibérica

Susana Roza has given several courses on communication and spokespeople training for both the executive team of Ikea Iberia and the middle management since 2007.

A credit to her professionalism, know-how, and experience, we have discovered new aspects to corporate communication. Everything she has brought to the table has been accurate, sincere and truly useful. I'd like to highlight her willingness to adapt to our timetables and her mastery of communication theory in both English and Spanish.


Vice-president Amadeus Latin America

A big thank you to you for pushing me to do things different, to better use my strengths and avoid the weaknesses, for forcing me to work harder on it  and showing that I could really make a big step forward that way!

It´s been a pleasure working with you!

Alfonso Zapata

CFO en ING Spain

Susana Roza was my coach in a customized course on communication, best practices for public speaking and spokespeople training. From the very beginning, Susana was able to pinpoint the essential areas of improvement, to help me to be aware of them and to overcome them using clear and simple instructions. Susana has proven herself to be a true professional who is trained, approachable and always willing to collaborate. 

Paloma Escudero


The training courses run by Susana Roza have sparked a change in our spokespeople's attitudes. Using her refined ability to detect each of their weaknesses has paid off with notable improvements in our employees' communication. We consider Susana Roza's training courses highly recommendable.

Raquel Cabezudo.

Finance and Markets Division Manager at KPMG
VP and Treasurer at PWN Global

Susana, thank you so much for your time and dedication. Aside from being a fantastic communicator, your are an excellent mentor who can make the impossible possible. You are so generous and you have given us an enormous treasure: the keys to communication. We are so lucky to have met you!

Carmen Pizarro
Director of Demand Creation Oracle Ibérica

Having had Susana as a mentor has been a real treat. I have adopted and internalized the professionalism, approachableness, motivation and love for "right communication" that she transmits. It is incredible the way that she takes care of every little detail from the smile to the intonation, right on through the technical means, the preparation, the rehearsal... making your presentation and your message a hit. Thank you Susana, I couldn't have had a better teacher!


Teresa Aragón Benavente
Product Manager at Alcatel-Lucent

We can tell that you've gone up against packed auditoriums, that everyday you present the news, and that you know how to get up in front of people to talk about an idea or project; it is a part of your life. You are so natural, self-confident, and professional and, somehow, you've made me say to myself, “I want to express myself as Susana does.” I'd also like to make special mention of your enthusiasm. Honestly, the sessions we had with you were super dynamic and fun. All of this, to an extent, flowed from your energy and vitality.

Cristiane Fernández Shiroma

General Services Grupo Cortefiel

Susana, I no longer feel like giving a presentation is an unsurmountable task! Thank you so much for your knowledge, for your dedication and for having shown us to attack stage fright.

Ingrid Deltenre 

General European Broadcasting Union

On behalf of the whole EBU, I should like to thank you for your excellent work moderating the opening session of the EuroDIG meeting in Madrid on 29 April 2010.  You accomplished this task with a great deal of professionalism and created the ideal setting for a very fruitful debate.

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