Training Programs

In the professional realm, there are very talented, experienced people that, nevertheless, cannot prove their worth when giving a presentation in public because of anxiety, lack of knowledge or lack of preparation. Susana Roza, as an Executive Coach, will lead you through the necessary process to deliver a deliberate, controlled, convincing and efficient presentation.

Each program is designed with the specific needs of each client in mind, both in Latin America and Spain


“The Golden Rules of Communication. How to Be a Convincing Leader”

A fun and easy story on the steps needed to conquer stage fright and gain confidence and leadership capacity.


“The Most Common Errors During a Presentation and How to Avoid Them”

In this conference, you will learn the more technical side of being successful in a professional presentation by avoiding the most typical missteps.

Together, we will analyze everything from the most appropriate formats to the aptest kinds of images to the best way to cause the desired effect based on your target audience.

Group Training

The courses are aimed at companies who wish to make their executives better spokespeople for their companies and products. We work to improve each individual's ability, corporate messages, and the best ways to reach the target audience and the media. The course is divided into 2 parts: 1 theoretical and 1 practical which is filmed and analyzed by the group for each of the participants. The course is given to a maximum number of 10 participants, wherever the company finds suitable and can last either 1 or 2 days.

One-To-One Training

A specific course for top-tier executives that need to improve their communication skills, whether it be for presentations, press conferences or internal meetings. The specific needs of each individual will be assessed and the fields of improvement will be established; be it diction, improvisation, language or appearance. According to the needs of each case, the necessary qualified professionals will be brought on board: language coach, stylist, make-up artist, hair dresser, etc. These courses normally involve a couple of initial sessions via Skype and one or two days at the client's office.

Online Training

Distance Learning. This option focuses on a particular presentation. This method allows us to advise on, modify, and practice any kind of public presentation with the client in the most immediate way possible. Sessions can last from one to three hours as agreed by both parties.